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Samnite wine continues to garner recognition. Even when the competitors are international, the wineries of our land manage to gather a series of certifications that confirm the growth trend both in terms of quality and turnover.

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Benevento – The Greco and Fiano of the La Fortezza cellars were entered by Wine&Spirits among the world's wine excellences. The US trade magazine has chosen the two wines produced by the company torrecuso placing them in two sections of the June issue. In the first, the magazine made a selection of the best white wines to pair with fish dishes. in particular, Wine&Spirits selected and mentioned the Samnium Greek "The fortress" combining it with sea bass. Since sea bass is a fatty fish, the minerality and flavor of a product such as Greco La Fortezza lend themselves very well to the combination because they allow you to degrease the food and enhance its flavour.

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Benevento – New satisfactions for La Fortezza Cellars, rewarded again this year with one of the highest awards in the world: the prize Decanter. The company of Torrecuso, which belongs to the entrepreneur Enzo Rillo, has received two awards in recent days: one for his Aglianico del Taburno 2015, who obtained the silver medal with 92 points out of 100; the other for the Falanghina del Sannio 2018, which was awarded the bronze medal thanks to 88 out of 100 points.

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Benevento – The pizzerias are not the only worthy ones in Sannio according to the famous Salerno gastronome Luciano Pignataro. Pasquale the journalist Carlo, Vice President of ArgaCampania, but also contributor to the blog since 2001just in the period of the Easter holidays it was welcomed, with big Luciano, among the excellent vineyards of the Estate 'The fortress', where he was able to get to know and verify the oenological project of its initiator, the Torrecusano entrepreneur Enzo Rillo, in the company of the renowned Abruzzo winemaker Vittorio Party, who leads the team of professionals present in the structure and who have always been involved in the wine sector, Antonella Porto and Nicola Shepherd.

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Verona – In terms of trade, enhancement and export of a product, it is the sign that makes the difference, it is the one that allows you to draw a balance and differentiate it from one year to another. And the shipment of the Samnite company “La Fortezza” at Vinitaly, the International Wine Exhibition Fair, she came home with a swollen chest.

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Also this year La Fortezza is not missing from the great event dedicated to the best 2019 wines by Luca Maroni.

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In addition to the sparkling wine, La Fortezza brought the reserve 'Enzo Rillo' to the podium as the third best red wine in Italy.

The L'Oro del Marchese sparkling wine from the La Fortezza di Torrecuso winery dominates the Yearbook of the Best Italian Wines 2017 as the best sparkling wine in Italy with the Charmat method. The award was presented in Rome a few days ago on the occasion of the event organized by Luca Maroni 'Il Buono nel Bello' at the Salone delle Fontane.



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