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The Fortress is located in Torrecuso, at the foot of the Taburno/Camposauro Park

If, as we believe, "wine is made in the vineyard", our vineyards express this noble concept with stubborn determination: our real strength, in fact, consists of a mix of soil quality, exposure, altitude and care for the vineyard.

Our Wines

The province of Benevento has been producing excellent grapes for excellent wines for centuries

Here are our vines: Aglianico del Taburno, in such quantities as to allow us a careful selection in the vineyard for the various sales lines and to guarantee us the production of wines of the highest quality such as the Riserva, whose grapes come from a vineyard of about seventy years of age. Falanghina del Taburno, whose vineyard exposure guarantees us an optimal result in terms of sugar content, aromas and acidity of the wine without having to resort to cuts during processing. For the moment we select the Greco and Fiano vineyards outdoors to be used for our productions, imposing strict and meticulous cultivation regulations on the producers: once the land and the relative vineyards have been identified, these are followed in all the fundamental steps up to collection that takes place under our supervision. Finally, we proudly point out our flagships: the sparkling Falanghina, the sparkling Aglianico and our highly prized "Maleventum", a brut of Falanghina obtained with the long charmat method

Classic Line, Young Line, Bubbles and Liqueurs



Multi-awarded, Multi-appreciated, the wines of the Fortezza have received important appreciations


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About us

At the center of the vineyards stands the beating heart of our business: the cellar. Entirely covered in stone and well integrated into the surrounding landscape, it consists of two bodies. In the upper part, a villa and large open spaces mainly intended for lawns: an enchanting place with a wonderful view reaching out towards the Apennines that separate Campania from Puglia.

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The Fortress Agricultural Society

Locality Tora II, 20

82030 Torrecuso (BN)

Phone: +39 0824 886155

Fax: +39 0824 886155


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