Internationalization Voucher:



Investment priority: 3b - Develop and implement new business models for small and medium-sized enterprises, especially for internationalization

Action 3.4.1 "Export promotion projects for companies and their aggregate forms identified on a territorial or sectoral basis"

• Project Code: EV-IN1_00004100


The company has aimed and aims at the development of the Asian market and specifically the "China" market which is complex and fascinating at the same time. It had already entered this market but the difficulties related to culture, the development of local wine, the registration of the brand led it to request a voucher for the use of a TEM in order to better interface with this market.

The contribution requested to the MET was to carry out a careful analysis of the target country, to evaluate the demand for "made in Italy" products, the need to provide for the "Registration of the Brand", search for importers/distributors, analysis of the trade fairs to which participate.

Thanks to this valuable contribution, the company has started the procedure for registering its corporate brand, has identified a professional figure on the spot who is collaborating with the company in order to develop business relationships. It has identified exhibitions in which the company will always participate in order to develop the market.